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R. P. Luce & Company Inc. has been serving the needs of its customers for over 50 years. Our specialized case and accessory options provide state-of-the-art shipment and storage solutions for a broad range of applications.  Equipment cases, camera cases, firearms cases, travel cases, and many options are available in both stock and custom engineered designs. As a Technical Packaging Parter for Pelican, we have been trained by them and are considered one of their Outside Engineering Specialists in custom case designs for the last 25 years. In addition to Pelican, we also partner with top quality suppliers of cases, commercial and industrial washers and metal stampings, couplings, pivots, and mechanical components.   

Whether your transporting delicate electronics, sophisticated weaponry, or valuable personal effects, we will design and manufacture a custom case that offers the protection you need. We've supplied custom cases, industrial shipping cases and carrying cases for numerous industries including broadcast and communicationsmilitary and government, aerospace and aviation, sports and recreation, computer/electronics, and more.
When you partner with R.P. Luce you will receive:
  • Expert consultation with a wide breadth of product knowledge
  • Technical design and custom engineering expertise
  • Extensive variety of stock and custom cases and other products
  • Highly customizable and personalized capabilities
  • Stock of standard cases, parts and equipment
To learn more about our Pelican CasesZarges Cases or Shell Case customized case options, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-445-0002.

Our custom case engineers will work with you to design a custom case that exceeds your expectations.

Fully Customized Pelican Cases & Zarges Case Options

At R.P. Luce, we utilize cutting edge technological innovation and complete customization to manufacture the most rugged and protective equipment and carrying cases in the industry. Our custom cases from Pelican, Pelican-Hardigg, and Zarges provide enhanced strength, waterproof designs, and advanced custom features that meet or exceed your specifications.
With thousands of possible case options, we can provide you with the case that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our custom containers can protect your valuable belongings from shock, elemental conditions and almost any type of abuse that can be imagined. We carry a wide range of cases within the following categories.

Pelican Cases

Pelican cases provide extreme durability against all types of rugged terrain and environmental conditions for industrial and military applications, while also providing many beneficial qualities for the outdoor enthusiast. Available with a wide range of custom features, Pelican cases are designed and manufactured to provide enhanced durability in safeguarding valuable electronics, high-tech gear, weaponry, sensitive equipment, and much more.

Pelican-Hardigg Roto Molded Cases

Roto molded cases are specifically designed to withstand extremely tough and rugged environments. The rotational molding design process allows for custom molded cases that are airtight, waterproof as well as shock and vibration resistant.
Pelican Hardigg roto molded cases provide the proper protection that is needed for fragile and expensive equipment. There are many advantages that rotational molding Pelican Hardigg cases can provide to numerous types of applications.

Pelican Lighting Tools, Flashlights, Coolers, Backpacks, Drinkware and Skidmates

Whether you are crawling through a nooks and crags of a cave, or on a nighttime hunt or fishing expedition, Pelican LED flashlights and lighting equipment provide the luminosity to safely achieve your goal. From headlamps and flashlights to remote area lighting systems, R.P. Luce carries a lighting product that meets your needs. 

Zarges Aluminum Equipment Cases

Zarges aluminum equipment cases combine the multiple benefits of aluminum including low weight, high stability, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. Zarges has the right product for every need and offers industrial customized solutions for the service, skilled trades, business sectors, or everyday consumer applications.

Shell Cases

Fully customizable, Shell Cases provide semi-rigid, molded soft carrying case solutions for any project. Shell Cases’ advanced innovative design, coupled with unique materials and expert workmanship, provide an extremely professional look & feel for a wide range of applications.
We can provide numerous Shell Case options for your exclusive product transportation needs. Each lightweight Shell case style offers its own exclusive advantages depending on your individual requirement needs.

Custom Carrying Cases & Foam Inserts

Fragile and highly technical devices have unique shapes and often require a custom carrying case that can accommodate their specific needs. With experienced design engineers, testing labs, and a team of dedicated experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be protected with custom case and foam options that are manufactured to your exact specifications.
We carry numerous styles of custom carrying cases that provide advanced protection for a variety of industries. Our custom case and foam inserts provide the storage and protection that your specialized gear and equipment deserves.

Boker's, Inc. Commercial and Industrial Washers and Metal Stampings

Boker’s, Inc. is a leading metal manufacturer of precision stampings, washers, spacers, shims, disks, and more. Boker’s custom metal stamping capabilities supplement R.P. Luce’s complete line of rugged custom equipment cases, carrying cases, and shipping containers. Boker’s quality assurance process assures that all manufactured custom metal stamping products comply with the specifications and standards prescribed by our customers. If precision quality is your quest, look no further than Boker’s, Inc. for your custom metal stamping needs!

We Sell Rugged Custom Cases for a Variety of Uses to Many Industries

At R.P. Luce & Company our highly sophisticated custom equipment cases, industrial shipping cases and carrying cases are custom engineered for your protective carry case needs  They are used to protect a wide range of gear and professional equipment across a variety of industries including Aerospace and Aviation, Broadcast and Communications, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Military and Government, Sports and Recreation, and More!


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Trust R.P. Luce & Company with Your Rugged, Fully Customized Shipping Case & Carrying Case Needs Today

To learn more about our company and our premium Pelican Cases, Shell Cases, and Zarges Cases and accessory options, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-445-0002.
Our experts will work with you to find a customized case solution that meets or exceeds your application needs.

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