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Rugged Custom Equipment, Shipping and Carrying Cases

R. P. Luce & Company Inc. has been serving the needs of its customers for over 50 years. Our prominent lines of specialized cases allow our customers the option to protect their possessions, either in shipment and in storage. Whether it is highly sophisticated electronics or a family heirloom, we will design and manufacture the proper case or container. We've supplied custom equipment cases, industrial shipping cases and carrying cases for  broadcast and communications, military and government, computer industries, sports and recreation, and more. We are proud to offer:
Wide breadth of product knowledge
Technical expertise
Extensive variety of products
Highly customizable and personalized capabilities
Stock of standard parts

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Distributor of High Quality Custom Cases for Dependable Protection

With thousands of possible case options, we can provide you with the case that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our custom containers can protect your valuable belongings from shock, elemental conditions and almost any type of abuse that can be imagined. We carry a wide range of cases within the following categories.

Technologically Advanced Pelican Cases

Reusable Pelican cases are molded plastic containers that provide crushproof and waterproof content protection. At R.P. Luce we provide numerous Pelican Case options for your unique product transportation needs. Each Pelican Case style offers its own exclusive advantages depending on your individual requirements.

Custom Shell Carrying Cases

Fully customizable, Shell Cases provide semi-rigid, molded soft carrying case solutions for any project. Shell Cases' advanced innovative design, coupled with unique materials and expert workmanship, provide an extremely professional look & feel for a wide range of applications. We can provide numerous Shell Case options for your unique product transportation needs. Each lightweight Shell case style offers its own exclusive advantages depending on your individual requirement needs.

Zarges Aluminum Equipment Cases

Zarges aluminum equipment cases combine the multiple benefits of aluminum including low weight, high stability, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. Zarges has the right product for every need and offers industrial customized solutions for the service, skilled trades, business sectors, or everyday consumer applications.

Custom Carrying Cases & Foam Inserts

Fragile and highly technical devices have unique shapes and often require a custom carrying case that can accommodate their specific needs. With experienced design engineers, testing labs, and a team of dedicated experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be protected with custom case and foam options that are manufactured to your exact specifications. We carry numerous styles of custom carrying cases that provide advanced protection for a variety of industries. Our custom case and foam inserts provide the storage and protection that your specialized gear and equipment deserves.

Pelican-Hardigg Roto Molded Cases

Roto molded cases are specifically designed to withstand extremely tough and rugged environments. The rotational molding design process allows for custom molded cases that are airtight, waterproof as well as shock and vibration resistant. Pelican Hardigg roto molded cases provide the proper protection that is needed for fragile and expensive equipment. There are many advantages that rotational molding Pelican Hardigg cases can provide to numerous types of applications.

Custom Carrying & Equipment Case Industries Served

At R.P. Luce & Company our highly sophisticated custom equipment cases, industrial shipping cases and carrying cases can be used to protect a wide range of gear and professional equipment. The industries that we regularly serve include:


Broadcast and Communications
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Oem and Industrial
Sales and Marketing
Trade Show
Sport and Recreation

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pelican bokers sdp-si riverhawk shell-case zarges kipp