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Whether you’re a journalist, videographer, or camera operator, keeping expensive and fragile equipment safely protected is extremely important. Our storage cases provide heavy-duty, state-of-the-art protection for all types of audio, visual, and electronic products that are extensively used throughout the broadcast and communications industry.

Going strong for over 50 years, R.P. Luce & Company continues to provide the most durable, protective, and rugged multimedia equipment cases in the industry. For more information regarding our heavy duty hard or soft equipment cases for the broadcast and communications industry, get in touch with our sales team, or give us a call at 800-445-0002 and our expert staff will gladly assist you with your equipment storage case needs.

Multimedia Equipment Case Advantages

Broadcast and communications storage cases are specifically designed to protect expensive and highly sensitive multimedia equipment and accessories. Each case is designed to withstand vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, and is rigorously tested to ensure that each case can withstand brutal punishment in all types of environments. Multimedia hard shell cases provide the following beneficial qualities:
  • Airtight
  • Waterproof (100% effective leak protection)
  • Rugged, secure protection
  • Comfort grip handles that are also spring loaded to lay flat
  • Recessed hardware that is protected from impact
  • Reinforced corners and edges for extra impact protection
  • Internal padding for impact protection

Multimedia Case Options

Expensive and fragile multimedia equipment requires protection from shock, moisture, vibration, and other environmental factors. R.P. Luce’s hard equipment storage cases are designed to be repeatedly dropped, hit, or soaked without ever damaging your equipment. Our resilient hard cases are built with superior strength and are available in a wide range of custom sizes and options.

Multimedia Equipment Case Applications

If your job depends on the effectiveness of your equipment then you will want to protect it with the most versatile, reliable, and rugged cases in the industry. Our heavy duty hard and soft shell cases for the broadcast and communications industry provide proven results for the following applications:
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Lighting
  • Laptops
  • Electronics
  • Tripods
  • Audio equipment

Discuss Your Multimedia Equipment Case Needs with R.P. Luce Today

Protecting expensive, highly volatile multimedia equipment is essential to your professional success. That’s why it is crucial to properly protect it with rugged, durable and protective shell cases that are custom designed to protect your equipment.

For more information regarding our heavy-duty multimedia storage case options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. No matter your custom multimedia storage and transportation needs, R.P. Luce is ready to help you select the protective equipment case that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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