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Pelican Ruck Cases

Protecting your gear from the elements can be challenging, especially for those who are adventurous and on-the-move frequently. For your phone, cables, tools, or other personal belongings, water and dirt can cause expensive damage, and there is always the danger of dropping or crushing your valuable, sensitive equipment.

For these applications, a heavy-duty utility case like the Pelican Ruck Case is an ideal storage solution. R.P. Luce offers a variety of Pelican Ruck Cases to protect your items, saving your money and instilling peace of mind.

Pelican Heavy-Duty Utility Cases

These personal storage cases are small enough to be easily carried and transported with you, but provide plenty of space and layers for your personal equipment. For whatever adventure is up next, the Pelican Ruck Case will provide the trusted protection you need.

Features of the Pelican Ruck Case

These heavy-duty utility cases are strong, durable cases that provide extreme protection against the elements. The Pelican Ruck Case offers:
• IP68-rated protection against dirt, water, snow, and dust
• A flexible lid organizer that offers secure storage
• A rubberized exoskeleton for added protection
• A dual pivot latch for both secure locking and easy opening
• Multiple external attachment points to meet your needs

Types of Pelican Heavy-Duty Utility Cases

R. P. Luce offers a variety of Pelican Ruck Cases to protect your gear on your next adventure. All of our personal storage cases are waterproof, crushproof, and offer flexible organization solutions, allowing you to customize the way you store your equipment.
Orange R20 Ruck Case open to display storage compartment on lid, holding a mobile phone, and storage compartment in base, holding flashlights and utility knife.

R20 Pelican Ruck Case

This heavy-duty utility case not only protects from dirt, dust, and moisture, but its outer shell is abrasion and impact-proof. With a snap-in, flexible lid organizer and rigid divider tray, this Pelican Ruck Case offers maximum storage in a portable size.

R40 Pelican Ruck Case

These personal storage cases provide the ultimate protection for your sensitive equipment and everyday gear. With rubberized protective bumpers, your phone, tools, electronics, or other personal belongings are protected against drops and abrasion. R60 Pelican Ruck Case In addition to flexible storage options and an impact-proof outer shelf, this heavy-duty utility case also features a built-in pressure relief valve, simultaneously keeping water and dust out while balancing air pressure.

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As distributors of Pelican products, we provide heavy-duty utility cases with customizable options to meet all of your needs. With our lifetime guarantee against breakage and defects, Pelican products from R. P. Luce is the ideal storage and protection solution. We also provide great safe storage solutions for sports and recreation enthusiasts.

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