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Pick ‘n Pluck Foam Set for Custom Cases

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Pelican pick and pluck foam is designed for case interiors to protect valuable or sensitive items. The foam provides cushioning for the item against impact, and it can keep several items separated within a single case. The foam inserts are typically used for storing both lightweight items like cameras and laptops, as well as heavier items like weapons and video gear..
Pick and pluck foam sets come with at least two pieces of foam. The bottom layer is denser foam for protecting items from the bottom of the case. This layer doesn’t need to be cut or modified. The upper layers, however, are used to create tailored profiles for your items, securing the snuggly in place and providing appropriate cushioning. The foam is pre-scored squares that make it easier to cut and shape sections.  

Using Pick and Pluck Foam Inserts for Protective Cases

Our Pelican pick and pluck foam is simple to use and provides a cost-effective solution for low volumes. The foam inserts can be tailored to almost any item, providing effective protection at a lower cost than other engineering solutions. When using the pick ‘n pluck foam, follow these instructions:

1. Design Your Layout

The first stage is to figure out the best configuration for your items within the case. This can be done by laying out the items on the foam and rearranging them until you find the layout that works best for you. A minimum of ½” should be left to separate lightweight items, and 1 ½- 2” of space should be allotted for heavier items.

2. ​Mark the Profiles Directly on the Foam

Once you figure out the layout that works best for you, it is useful to mark the boundaries of the areas that you need to be removed. This can be done with any position marker like cocktail sticks, toothpicks, pins, or needles. If the object you are marking out is halfway between one row of the pre-cut sections, always choose to go in one row towards the object.

3. Pre-Cut the Profiles

Once the area is marked off, pre-cutting the foam before plucking it can make it easier to remove the foam. Although it is easy to remove the foam without doing this, the rows of foam cubes are stuck together quite well and pre-cutting the profiles can eliminate the risk of removing additional sections of foam accidentally.

4. Pick and Pluck

Because the foam is pre-scored with small cubes, all you need it do is place your fingers into the gap between the rows you have marked off and with a steady, consistent action begin pushing down and pulling towards you. You should  find that the foam begins to separate before breaking off.

5. Test the Fit

Once you remove the excess foam, you should have well-defined sections cut into the foam to improve the fit by re-adding it, as it can be stuck back in with a suitable glue or spray adhesive.

Pelican Pick ‘n Pluck Foam Sets from RP Luce

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