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OEM Custom Cases

OEM manufacturers cover a wide spectrum of industries, but all of the industries need custom carrying solutions that will protect their devices from damage. For these applications, custom EVA cases provide the shock absorption and moisture resistance needed to protect OEM devices during transportation.
Shell-Case custom OEM  cases provide the most innovative, advanced capabilities in OEM cases. As a leading global designer and manufacturer, Shell-Case has extensive knowledge and experience creating high-quality carrying solutions.
R.P. Luce supplies custom OEM Shell cases to house a variety of industrial equipment, from electronic test devices to medical devices.

Contact R.P. Luce today to learn more about our custom OEM cases or give us a call at 800-445-0002. You can also request a quote for an in-depth price analysis.


Features of Shell-Case Custom Carrying Solutions

Custom OEM Shell cases provide a durable, modular design that makes it easily customizable to meet any industry’s needs. Made from laminated, thermoformed EVA material, these cases are easily customizable with your brand name and corporate identity.
Shell-Case custom carrying solutions are innovative cases that are designed to be durable. The internal pouch system is modular, allowing new inserts and dividers to be added. All of the industrial custom OEM Shell cases from R.P. Luce are designed with an interchangeable thermoformed EVA tray and a pouch organizer to meet your needs.  

OEM Applications for Custom Shell Cases

The durable, custom EVA cases from Shell-Case are perfect for a variety of industries and applications. We supply custom OEM Shell cases for:
  • Measuring instruments and electronic test devices
  • Medical devices
  • Broadcasting and transmission devices
  • Emergency medical devices like AED
  • Sales professionals
  • Electronic equipment
  • Professional optics
  • Ambulances
  • Ultrasound devices  

Contact R.P. Luce for Shell Case Custom Carrying Solutions

R.P Luce distributes high-quality, innovative custom OEM custom cases from Shell-Case for a variety of industries. With its durability and easily customizable design, Shell-Case custom cases provide our customers with the innovative protection and carrying solutions for their industry.

To learn more about our OEM custom cases, contact us today, or request a quote.

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