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Custom Medical Device Cases

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Custom medical cases are designed, engineered, and manufactured to transport medical gear of all shapes and sizes safely and effectively. Our advanced customization capabilities, including pick-and-pluck foam inserts and various exterior shell coloring options, allow unsurpassed organization and a clean look and feel that cannot be replicated.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom medical case design and manufacturing options, or request a quote today. R.P. Luce is your trusted source for premium custom medical device cases.

Custom Medical Device Case Pick & Pluck Foam

R.P. Luce & Company can provide custom medical device instrument cases to protect your sensitive and delicate medical devices from wear, tear, and breakage. Our custom medical supply cases are built with a shock-and weather-proof hard case shell and a fully customizable inner liner system with pick and pluck foam.

The customized slots and fitment locations are built to provide cushioning and support for your medical equipment and accessories. 

Custom Medical Device Case Advantages

Transferring highly sensitive medical equipment and supplies with standard luggage or equipment can be difficult, frustrating, and unprofessional. Fortunately, fully custom medical device instrument cases from R.P. Luce & Company can ensure safe travel for all your sensitive medical equipment and gear. Some of the benefits of utilizing protective medical cases for your medical device and equipment needs include:
  • Advanced material protection
  • Shock-proof outer shell
  • Fully customizable inner core for premium protection and storage
  • Superior look and feel
  • Enhanced locking features

Custom Medical Device Case Options

Whether you are transporting sensitive medical equipment to a different location or you are an EMT and are constantly on the move, R.P. Luce & Company can manufacture a variety of protective cases for medical devices from trusted brands like Pelican and Zarges that will service your exact requirement needs. We can manufacture an assortment of sensitive medical equipment cases, including:

Fully Customizable Medical Device Case Options

Our custom medical supply and equipment cases can be used for most medical devices and applications. Whether you need to transport a pacemaker or lifesaving vaccines, we can custom engineer the medical equipment cases you need to your exact specifications. To further protect your medical devices and supplies, our custom medical materials case solutions are designed to protect your medical products from water, dust, dirt, and grime.

Order Custom Medical Cases from R.P. Luce Today

In the market for a fully customizable medical case that meets your device and equipment needs? R.P. Luce has you covered! Contact us for more information or request a quote for specific pricing information on the custom medical device cases you need.
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