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Pelican Cases

Types of Pelican Carrying Cases

At R.P. Luce, we provide numerous Pelican Case options for your unique product transportation needs. Each Pelican Case style offers its own exclusive advantages depending on your individual requirements.

Pelican Utility Case Features

Pelican manufactures a wide range of reusable cases that can be used for numerous applications. These highly beneficial equipment carrying cases have an abundance of features depending on your chosen model. However, all Pelican Cases include a barometric relief valve made of Gore-Tex to prevent pressure damage to the case, during transportation, or when the air pressure in the environment changes.

Pelican Case Industrial Applications

At R.P. Luce, we distribute advanced quality Pelican Cases and Pelican accessories to a wide range of sectors that work with numerous types of industrial applications. Pelican’s products are used in several industries, including aerospace, broadcast and communications, medical and pharmaceuticalmilitary and government, OEM and industrial, sales and marketing, trade show & sports and recreation.

Contact R.P. Luce today to learn more about our stock Pelican cases or give us a call at 800-445-0002 to find out about custom case engineering and design services.  You can also request a quote for your stock or customized cases. 

Custom Carrying Case Options from Pelican

RP Luce is an Authorized Pelican Case Stocking and Custom Case Solutions Dealer

As a Pelican Authorized Stocking Distributor and Technical Packaging Partner, offering custom solutions, R.P. Luce is an exclusive provider of stock and customized Pelican case products to clients across the Mid-Atlantic states. We provide custom Pelican case solutions for the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 

With a long-term relationship of over 25 years with Pelican Cases,  R. P. Luce has provided stock and custom carrying, shipping, and storage cases to the medical, militaryaerospace broadcast, communicationssports and recreation, and countless other industries.  R.P. Luce & Company is one of several dealers Pelican has designated as their Technical Packaging Partners. We have been trained by Pelican and are their Outside Engineering Specialists.  Our engineers can work with you to design and customize the cases you need for your specific application. If you are looking to purchase an extensive stock of Pelican cases, we will quote you the best price for the quantity you need. We offer excellent custom case design engineering assistance and customer service.

Contact R.P. Luce & Company for your Pelican Case Needs Today

Pelican cases can be purchased in bulk or as single units from R.P. Luce & Company.  Contact us for more information regarding stock or custom Pelican cases and accessories or to request a quote for volume pricing from RP Luce today. 


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