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Roto-Molded Rack Cases Protect Sensitive Equipment

Pelican-Hardigg rack mount cases are rotomolded cases that have been designed to withstand abuse and harsh environmental conditions to protect fragile, expensive, or otherwise sensitive equipment. Rotationally molding a case provides additional strength in the walls of the case, allowing it to endure repeated drops without damaging its contents.
Hardigg rack cases are the most cost-effective, durable cases available. No matter what kind of equipment you are trying to ship, there is a Hardigg rackmount case to meet your application needs. Whether it’s the MAC rack or the Classic rack, all of the cases from Pelican provide the protection and design that you need in a transport system.
R.P Luce supplies a variety of rackmount cases, and we also provide customizable options for all of your equipment shipping and protection requirements.

Contact R.P. Luce today to learn more about our supply of Pelican Hardigg rack cases or give us a call at 1-800-445-0002. 

Applications for Pelican Rack Cases

Pelican Hardigg cases are rotomolded, making them more suited for harsh environments and heavy-duty applications than other cases. Though frequently used for the military and broadcast industries, rackmount cases have uses in almost every industry.
Pelican MAC rack cases and other rackmount cases are used for: If your application includes sensitive equipment that needs superior protection from falls, vibrations, moisture, or other factors, our Pelican rack cases are your ideal solution.

Hardigg Rackmount Cases from R.P. Luce

At R.P. Luce, we offer a variety of Pelican Hardigg rack cases to meet all application needs. Our rackmount cases include:

Pelican Hardigg Classic Rack: Classic rack cases are designed to be extra rugged and secure for fragile equipment. They are ideal for equipment that needs protection from severe drops. With their individually fine-tuned shock mounts, the classic rackmount cases provide superior shock and vibration protection, as well as cooling airflow.

Pelican Hardigg Supermac Rack: The SuperMac rack is the most compact case from Pelican, providing the same superior protection in an easier-to-transport, space-saving design. This rack is ideal for field-deployed equipment and sheltered applications. It provides medium duty shock and vibration absorption for equipment from 20-200 lbs.

Pelican Hardigg Mac Rack: The MAC rack case has a smaller sway space than other Pelican Hardigg cases, allowing it to utilize small spaces effectively. This rackmount case is most ideal for light or medium duty applications, or commercial, industrial, broadcast, or military applications.

Pelican Hardigg Prorack Rack: The Prorack case is a lightweight, space-efficient front and rear opening container that provides the expected, top-quality equipment protection you need, but not a shock mounted system. This case is ideal for protection against rain, dust, and impact.

Classic Rack, Supermac & Mac Rack Options: We provide a variety of options for your Hardigg rack cases to meet your needs. Whether you need extra handles, casters, labels, or other customizable options, we can manufacture custom rack cases with your required options.

Prorack Options: We also offer additional options for the Prorack rackmount cases, including cardholders, casters, drawers, and more. For custom rack options, request a quote today.

Contact R.P. Luce for Pelican Hardigg Rack Cases

We offer a full range of Pelican Hardigg rackmount cases for all of your heavy-duty applications. Our cases provide protection from surface abuse, moisture, and extreme temperatures, making them perfect for military and government, public safety, and other industrial and commercial industries.

To learn more about our Hardigg rack cases, contact us today. If you already know which case you need, please use our request for quote shopping cart for fast online RFQ checkout.

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