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Impact and Shock Resistance with Rotationally Molded Single Lid Cases

Pelican-Hardigg cases are roto-molded, durable cases that are designed to protect equipment from harsh environmental conditions. They provide protection from mechanical shock, vibration, and extreme temperature changes, making them an ideal transport solution for the military, public safety, industrial, and professional industries.
Pelican-Hardigg single lid cases provide superior quality for so many applications. They are ideal for rack mountable precision test equipment, medical and biological equipment, memory storage devices, flight simulators, and more.
R.P. Luce supplies a range of Pelican-Hardigg cases to ensure all your equipment remains highly protected. We also provide customizable classic rack, supermac, and mac rack options to meet your protection needs.

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What Are Rotomolded Cases?

Hardigg cases are rotomolded cases, meaning they are made through rotational molding process, where a heated mold is filled with melted plastic and then rotated on multiple axes in an oven. As the mold is rotated, the plastic forms to the inside of the metal mold.

Roto-Molded Cases vs. Injection Molded Cases

Both rotomolded cases and injection molded cases offer their benefits, but rotomolded cases have a number of advantages for harsh heavy-duty applications. Rotational molding produces thicker walls in the corners of the cases. Though this makes the cases slightly heavier than injection-molded cases, it also provides extra strength and durability against shock. Pelican-Hardigg rotomolded cases are supplied with military-grade hardware, making them ideal military cases.
Rotomolded cases are more cost-effective than injection molded cases as well. They are much easier to produce, especially in larger sizes. The rotational molding process also creates less waste, and excess material can be reused.
Though both processes produce superior shipping equipment, roto-molded cases are best suited for the harshest environments in which the safety of the item you are shipping is a top priority.

Benefits of Pelican Hardigg Cases

Pelican Hardigg cases are known for being the toughest, smartest shipping equipment available. Professionals in commercial, industrial, and military industries trust Pelican Hardigg single lid cases to protect even the most sensitive and expensive electronic equipment. Not only is each case designed to withstand vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures, but they also go through a rigorous testing process to make sure that each case meets Pelican’s standards.
The Pelican Hardigg cases from R.P. Luce can be repeatedly dropped, hit, or soaked without ever damaging your equipment. They provide the superior strength and wide range of sizes and options you need for any extreme application.
Other benefits of Pelican-Hardigg cases include:
  • Reinforced corners and edges for extra impact protection
  • Positive anti-shear locks to prevent lid separation
  • Double-walled rim for tongue-in-groove seal, making each case watertight
  • Comfort grip handles that are also spring loaded to lay flat
  • Patented molded-in metal inserts to evenly distribute load to case walls
  • Molded-in stacking ribs that provide secure non-slip stacking
  • Recessed hardware that is protected from impact
If you have expensive, fragile, or otherwise important equipment that needs protection from shock, moisture, vibration, or other environmental factors, our Pelican-Hardigg cases provide the perfect shipping solution.

Dimensional Tolerances:

  • 1 to 5.99 in - ±0.12 in (1/8")
  • 6 to 36.99 in - ±0.19 in (3/16")
  • 37 to 72.99 in - ±0.25 in (1/4")
  • 73 to 90.99 in - ±0.31 in (5/16")
  • 91 to 108.99 in - ±0.38 in (3/8")
  • 109 to 134.00 in - ±0.44 in (7/16")

Contact R.P. Luce to Learn More about Rotomolded Cases

We carry a wide range of rotomolded cases that provide the ideal protection for a variety of industries. Our Pelican-Hardigg single lid cases provide the storage and durability that you need. We also manufacture custom rotomolded cases and can supply a wide variety of foams.

To learn more about our supply of Pelican Hardigg single lid cases, contact RP Luce today. For direct pricing information, request a quote

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