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Pelican Large Cases

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Pelican Large cases are built tough so you can carry gear and equipment on flights, to remote destinations, harsh weather conditions, or just a camping trip with the family. Pelican Air travel cases are designed specifically for checking in or cabin carry-ons. These hard cases are built for versatility and extra travel-friendly features like quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels and press and pull latches.

Pelican Case Customizations

Many Pelican cases also offer extra touches to keep accessories organized, such as zippered compartments and see-through mesh pockets to keep cables, camera lenses or whatever smaller items you need to protect. And when you add the Pick N Pluck foam to your utility case, you can customize it to the precise size of your equipment so everything fits and stays protected.  And with stainless steel hasps for padlocks, you can secure firearms and expensive gear even further.


Contact R.P. Luce for Pelican Large Cases

At R.P. Luce, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, offering Pelican large cases and other protective, specialized cases you need to protect your belongings. 

To find the right Pelican large case for your application, request a quote today.
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