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Roto Molded Cases Provide Advanced Strength and Superiority

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Roto molded cases are specifically designed to withstand extremely tough and rugged environments. The rotational molding design process allows for custom molded cases that are airtight, waterproof as well as shock and vibration resistant. Since they can be used within a broad range of environments, roto molded cases are utilized by the world’s most elite forces and militaries as well as professionals and amateurs in numerous fields.
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The Roto Molding Process

Rotationally molded cases are manufactured through a molding process that utilizes resins and other molded parts to create a case that can withstand a bevy of elemental challenges. The process involves adding resins to a mold that is slowly rotated both vertically and horizontally. The method of simultaneously heating and rotating the mold allows the resin to distribute and fuse throughout the entirety of the mold. The roto molding process effectively produces seamless parts with universal thicknesses and added corner materials that absorb shock, while producing high levels of insulation.

Pelican-Hardigg Roto Molded Case Benefits

Certain types of cargo require protection that cannot be met with standard cases. Pelican Hardigg roto molded cases provide the proper protection that is needed for fragile and expensive equipment. There are many advantages that rotational molding Pelican Hardigg cases can provide to numerous types of applications. The roto molding process provides the following benefits for added safety and security to all types of gear.

Advanced Strength

Roto molded cases are among the strongest receptacles ever created. The outer design of the case allows additional cases to be stacked on top of it and the roto molded cases extreme thickness prevents its inner contents from being damaged or destroyed. Additionally, the custom-molded interior of the case allows for advanced cradling and shock absorption, which provides increased protection for the contents of your case.

Waterproof Design

One of the greatest advantages of a Pelican Hardigg case is that it is engineered to be watertight. This means that the contents within the case will not be subjected to any type of fluid or moisture, which allows the case to be transported in outdoor rainy environments. Some of the types of equipment that can benefit from roto molded cases include:

Customizable to Meet Certain Specifications & Requirements

Depending on your specific application, Pelican Hardigg roto molded cases can be custom designed and manufactured to meet several types of government and military specifications. These expertly crafted custom cases are engineered to meet the following specifications and requirements:

  • Airline transportation (ATA 300 Category 1)
  • Federal standards
  • Various Mil-Specs

Single Lid Roto Molded Cases

Pelican-Hardigg single lid cases provide superior quality for a bevy of applications. They are ideal for rack mountable precision test equipment, medical and biological equipment, memory storage devices, flight simulators, and more.

Roto Molded Rack Cases

Pelican-Hardigg rack mount cases are rotomolded cases that have been designed to withstand abuse and harsh environmental conditions to protect fragile, expensive, or otherwise sensitive equipment. Rotationally molding a case provides additional strength in the walls of the case, allowing it to endure repeated drops without damaging its contents.

Roto Molded Cases vs. Injection Molded Cases

Both rotomolded cases and injection molded cases offer unique benefits that outperform even the finest standard luggage. However, roto molded cases are specifically designed for harsh heavy-duty applications. The roto molding process produces thicker corner walls than injected molded cases, which makes the case a slightly heavier than injection-molded cases, but also provides extra strength and durability against shock. Additionally, Rotomolded cases are more cost-effective than injection molded cases, since they are much easier to produce, especially in larger sizes. The rotational molding process also creates less waste, with the added ability to reuse excess material.


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