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Pelican Travel Cases and Coolers

From durable Pelican coolers to protective backpacks, Pelican ProGear products make the perfect gear for traveling. For hikers, photographers, students, or anyone who has sensitive equipment that needs extra protection on the move, these protective backpacks and travel coolers are the ideal solution. Pelican’s durable travel gear is designed to be watertight, crushproof, and easily transportable.

R.P Luce offers a full line of Pelican ProGear products, from protective backpacks to durable flashlights, to keep your valuables safe and secure.

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Pelican ProGear Products from R.P. Luce

Pelican ProGear products are designed to be rugged and durable, perfect for handling the harsh environments they might be used in. To meet all of your durable travel gear needs, we offer the following Pelican ProGear products:

Pelican Backpacks

Pelican protective backpacks feature a built-in, watertight, and crushproof laptop case, as well as an impact protected front compartment that is perfect for tablets.These  backpacks provide portability and robust protection, featuring a built-in watertight, crushproof case to protect your electronic devices and sensitive equipment no matter where you travel.

Hardback Cases

Protective cases like this Pelican ProGear hardback case are perfect for keeping your electronic devices safe from impact and moisture. Available for tablets, laptops, and eReaders, these durable cases are perfect for protecting your digital assets from water, dust, and impact.

Micro Cases 

These cases are small, but they provide large protection. Pelican ProGear micro cases are designed for phones, IDs, credit cards, and other handheld valuables.

ProGear Elite Coolers 

These heavy-duty travel coolers are engineered for extreme performance, providing impact resistance and durability through rugged use and extreme temperature fluctuations.

ProGear Flashlights 

These durable flashlights from Pelican are rugged, high-performance lighting devices that are designed to work in all weather.

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R.P. Luce provides Pelican ProGear products to meet your application needs. Whether you’re protecting your cellphone or high-tech, sensitive equipment, our protective backpacks offer the perfect solution.

To learn more about our Pelican ProGear products, contact us today. You can also checkout through our request for quote cart by viewing product details and adding items to your cart.

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