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Pelican Hardigg Classic Rack

  • Three Pelican Hardigg Classic Rack Mount Cases stacked one top of each other in various sizes and colors, including white, black, and blue.

Classic Racks are usually intended for equipment that requires the best protection available. This equipment might be subjected to severe drop heights or require extra protection to provide peace of mind that your equipment will arrive in one piece and work the minute it is plugged in. 
  • Ideal for delicate equipment that requires the most protection available, in the widest range of sizes.
  • Individually fine-tuned shock mounts for each application provide excellent shock and vibration dampening plus cooling airflow for operating equipment.
  • Security for equipment from 20-340 lbs. For weights over 340 lbs., please call Hardigg for a custom solution.
  • Recessed, zinc-plated, yellow chromate hardware holds up under duress and use.