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KIPP USA Handles, Clamps & Mechanical Components

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For over 100 years, KIPP has been the trusted name in manufacturing clamping tools, standard components, and operating parts for applications that span the industry gamut. With over 21,000 products stocked in the US and over 45,000 worldwide, KIPP continues a tradition of unbeatable quality by delivering an ever-increasing range of reliable, premium KIPP parts and standard components.

Contact R.P. Luce for more information regarding our line of premium KIPP USA parts and adjustable components, including KIPP handles, clamps, ball lock pins, and more. Alternatively, shop KIPP’s online store for the products you need today.

KIPP Product Options

The experts at KIPP consistently deliver high-quality products from their manufacturing plant in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and their light assembly facility in Stevensville, Michigan. KIPP has you covered with a comprehensive catalog containing thousands of readily available items designed to your project’s exact specifications. 

Browse KIPP’s conveniently organized print or online catalog, download 2-D and 3-D CAD files, or call one of our product experts today to see how genuine KIPP components can improve your products. KIPP components are manufactured to the highest quality standards while meeting R.P. Luce’s highest standards of excellence.

KIPP Cam Levers

KIPP Cam Levers enable secure holding of pieces to be machined or worked, providing easy adjustment and tool-less changeovers. KIPP Cam levers are used extensively in workholding, fixturing, machine construction, and maintenance. KIPP Cam lever features include:
  • Inch or metric 
  • Internal (female) or External (male) thread 
  • Steel or stainless steel components 
  • Handles in steel, stainless steel, cast aluminum with powder coat, or plastic

KIPP Handles

KIPP Handles feature a nut or bolt integrated with a wrench and are ideal for any application that requires frequent clamping or adjustments. KIPP Handle options include:
  • Inch or metric
  • Internal (female) or External (male) thread
  • Steel or stainless steel components
  • Handles in steel, stainless steel, cast zinc, or plastic
  • Choose from the classic ball-style handle or the modern-style handle (sometimes called a teardrop handle)

KIPP Plungers

KIPP Plungers are commonly used in a wide variety of applications for workholding, clamping, or indexing; they are common in machine building, tooling, automotive, and even consumer products. KIPP Ball or Pin Plungers are available in the following options:
  • Steel, stainless steel, or ceramic balls
  • Steel or stainless steel bodies
  • Inch or metric
  • Slotted or hex drive

KIPP Clamps

KIPP Toggle Clamps are primarily used on assembly and clamping fixtures to hold and clamp workpieces. KIPP Toggle Clamps are high-quality, robust, and well-suited for applications in the machine construction sector.

KIPP Ball Lock Pins

KIPP Ball Lock Pins enable quick and secure alignment, fastening, and changing parts and workpieces. Due to its sophisticated design, ball lock pins are positive locking, and the accidental release of the pin is virtually impossible.

Additional KIPP Products

R.P. Luce also offers the following KIPP products:

KIPP Standard Part Options

KIPP, Inc. produces a distinguished line of high-quality adjustable components, handles, and clamps for your industrial application needs KIPP product lines include:
  • FEATUREgrip
  • 19” Technology
  • ESD
  • MEDIgrip
  • NATUREgrip
  • NOVOgrip
  • NOVOnox Hygienic
  • Stainless Steel
  • SYMPAtouch
  • Accessories for Aluminum Profiles

Contact R.P. Luce & Company for your KIPP Components Today

KIPP products can be purchased in single or bulk units from R.P. Luce & Company. Contact us with your questions or for more information regarding any of the KIPP adjustable handles, knobs, plungers, clamps, cam levers, and more, or call us at 800-445-0002 to speak with one of our experts about any KIPP mechanical components.
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