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Custom Foam Cases

There are plenty of choices for transporting equipment, but when it comes to protecting fragile and vital equipment, carrying cases with custom foam inserts provide the best available options. With experienced design engineers, testing labs, and a team of dedicated experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be protected with foam inserts for cases that are manufactured to your exact specifications.

Cases with Custom Foam Insert Experts

At R.P. Luce & Company our custom case and foam experts can work with you to determine the most effective design and the best combination of materials for your equipment needs. Our ultimate priority is to protect the equipment and gear that you rely on to complete your goals.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom carrying cases and custom case and foam solutions, or call us at 800-445-0002 with any questions that you may have. Explore our product options below to find the perfect protective case for your application.

Custom Aluminum Cases

Our aluminum custom carrying cases, manufactured by Zarges, are designed for a wide range of applications. These cases provide durable, lightweight, and stylish transport systems that can collectively protect and impress. These cases can be engineered for everything from light-duty presentations to fully ruggedized environments that can be used for industrial and government applications. These cases provide:
  • Reduced weight
  • Case to product integration
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Premium protection

ATA Carrying Cases

ATA (Air Transport Association-approved) cases are fully equipped to handle the rigors of travel. They have been specifically designed, developed, and manufactured to provide advanced protection in all types of transportation and travel environments. Our manufacturing process for ATA custom case and foam inserts allows for the production of one custom case with unlimited design choices to meet your exact requirements.

Medical Carrying Cases

Our fully customized medical cases have been designed and developed to provide the perfect packaging solution for the overall protection, presentation, and organization of your valuable medical devices. Our custom case and foam inserts for medical instrumentation can be used for numerous medical devices, including:

  • AED machines
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Instrument trays
  • Ultrasound equipment

Specialized Carrying Cases for Shipping

Our uniquely designed custom case and foam inserts for shipping provide the protection that your shipped products require for reliable, undamaged delivery of your product. Some of the products that can benefit from a customized shipping case include;

  • Electronic instruments
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Weatherproof equipment
  • Communication equipment

Equipment Carrying Cases

A uniquely designed custom carrying case is designed to impress even the toughest client. The aesthetically pleasing look and engineered design of the case add advanced protection and flare that will be respected and appreciated by any potential customer. Some of the products that can benefit from a custom carrying case include:

  • Product samples
  • Optic devices
  • Camera equipment
  • Beverages
  • Food products
  • Testing equipment

OEM Custom Carrying Cases

We understand that custom OEM products can be fragile and represent the future of your company. For that reason, our custom OEM cases solutions are specifically built to your exact requirements for premium protection, organization, and presentation of your product. Some examples of OEM products that benefit from custom case and foam inserts include:

  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Sensitive materials
  • Water purification kits
  • Tile displays
  • Specialized products

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carrying Case with Custom Foam Inserts

There are numerous considerations that must be entertained before deciding which type of custom carrying cases may best fit your needs. Some of the greatest determining factors when considering a custom case and foam product are listed below.

Case Type

We provide a broad range of case options to support your specific requirements and needs. Our custom carrying cases are specifically manufactured to support your unique type of gear, whether it be a firearm, camera, audio equipment, electronics, medical instrumentation or other devices.

Interior Design & Protection

Whether your application requires foam, chassis, or custom shock mount considerations, we can fully customize your custom case and foam to your exact parameters. Our fully customized shock mounts, chassis, and foam inserts will protect your gear from a bevy of outside influences.


Depending on your specific needs, we can design and manufacture a case based upon your exact specifications. We can also implement your designs into a custom case and foam insert that will provide the protection you need, with a design that is truly your own.

Additional Features

There are numerous features that can be added to our custom carrying cases that can provide increased protection and personalized aesthetic value. Some of these features include humidity and pressure adjustments, lid stays, casters, purge valves, and customized logos.

Contact R.P. Luce for Custom Carrying Cases Today

We carry numerous styles of custom carrying cases that provide advanced protection for a variety of industries. Our custom case and foam inserts provide the storage and protection that your specialized gear and equipment deserves.

To learn more about our custom carrying cases contact RP Luce today or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis.

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