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Custom Metal Stampings from Boker's

In the market for custom metal or plastic stampings for your precision case hardware needs? Whether you are searching for standard or custom metal stampings, logo stamps, case hardware, or plastic stampings, Boker’s provides plastic and metal formings and stampings designed to your specifications.

Boker’s provides custom metal stampings covering a complete range of sizes up to 12″ x 12″ (flat) with thicknesses from .005″ to .190″ and draws of up to 3″ deep and 8″ in diameter. Boker's is a woman-owned company that manufactures precision metal stampings, custom stampings, and plastic stampings for your design needs.

Custom Logo Stamp Applications

R.P. Luce is a technical representative for Boker’s custom stampings and washers. Custom stampings offer a nearly limitless array of options for your application needs. Whether you are looking to customize a durable, protective backpack case for emergency professionals or need to transport and protect highly sensitive equipment, R.P. Luce can answer your specific custom metal stamp questions and provide you with a custom quote.

Boker’s Precision Stamping & Forming Product Options

To provide the industry’s best custom metal stamping capabilities, Boker’s utilizes their in-house tool department and wire EDM-produced tooling, which provides the dimensional tolerances you require. Boker’s provides the following plastic and metal stamping and forming options for your case hardware needs:
Custom Stampings
  • Flat blanking
  • Metal piercings
  • Metal forming
  • Deep drawing
  • Progressive stampings
  • Short run stampings
  • Long run stampings
Metal Stampings
  • Aluminum stampings
  • Brass stampings
  • Copper stampings
  • Nickel-silver stampings
  • Spring steel stampings
  • Stainless steel stampings
Plastic Stampings
  • ABS stampings
  • Acetal stampings
  • Nylon stampings
  • PTFE stampings
  • Polypropylene stampings 

Custom Metal & Plastic Stamping Material Options

In addition to the materials noted above, Boker’s offers metal stampings and formings in the broadest selection of commonly specified and difficult-to-find materials. In all, Boker’s has immediate access to over 2,000 materials. Whatever your precision metal stamping needs, if it can be stamped, Boker’s can turn it into your high-quality, custom metal stamping project.

Other Mechanical Component Options

R.P. Luce offers various other mechanical components from the following brands:

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R.P. Luce & Company is your trusted source for premium precision stampings, including metallic and plastic material options for your metal case hardware and plastic case hardware needs. Contact us for more information, request a quote for immediate pricing, or call us at 800-445-0002.
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