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RoCom Precision Flexible Shaft Couplings

Shaft CouplingsThe motion control control industry requires high precision flexible couplings to provide the torque and torsional stiffness necessary for advanced application success. RoCom motion control couplings from R.P. Luce assist in maintaining speed, position, and torque control. As an added benefit, all RoCom flexible shaft couplings are RoHS compliant, helping to ensure a greener environment for future generations.

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Renowned for its innovative multiple overlapped helical curved-beam technology, RoCom Couplings Corporation develops, designs, and manufactures an extraordinary selection of flexible helical shaft couplings for the motion control industry. Some of the beneficial features that RoCom motion control couplings provide include:
  • Transmits high torques
  • Works to alleviate or diminish shock and vibration
  • Compensates for shaft misalignment
  • Easily assembled and disassembled

Precision Flexible Shaft Coupling Options

Based out of California, USA, RoCom’s motion control precision shaft couplings are available in several unique options to serve your project requirement needs. R.P. Luce provides the following helical and heavy duty RoCom coupling options:
  • Series AGeneral purpose
  • Series B Light duty
  • Series DHeavy duty
  • Series HHigh torque, low wind-up

Motion Control Flexible Couplings Industrial Applications

Precision motion control shaft couplings are manufactured using only the high-quality and most dependable materials available. Some of the industries that regularly utilize motion control flexible couplings include:

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