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Pelican Flashlights and Other Pelican Lights

Pelican flashlights and lighting equipment are manufactured with the highest quality materials in the industry and feature exceptional component options that provide profound illumination in any environment. Whether you are searching for rugged flashlights and lighting tools for military, government, broadcastaerospace, or sports and recreation applications, Pelican flashlights and Pelican lighting tools deliver high intensity LED light output.

Going strong for over 50 years, R.P. Luce & Company continues to provide rugged, hyper tough, and technologically advanced Pelican flashlights, headlamps, and remote area lighting systems in the industry. Our experts will work with you to locate a custom Pelican™  flashlight or lighting system that incorporates your exact illumination needs.

Pelican supplies high quality, durable lighting tools to the following markets:  Fire, Military, Industrial, Law Enforcement, Outdoor and Consumer.  As an authorized stocking dealer, R.P. Luce & Company can supply you with the quantity you need at excellent price points.  Select the product(s) you are interested in and submit your cart for a quote, or simply contact us here for your quote.

Pelican Flashlights and Other Pelican Light Options

At R.P. Luce we provide numerous Pelican flashlight and illumination tool options for your unique lighting needs. Each Pelican lighting tool or flashlight offers its own exclusive advantages and are built to match your exact specifications. Our Pelican flashlight and lighting options include the following:

Heads Up Flashlights

With triple LED lighting, Pelican Heads Up headlamps provides hands free lighting whenever you need it. The adjustable cloth straps are built to adjust to your unique head size, providing a comfortable fit in any environment. Pelican Heads Up headlamps are ideal for camping, hiking, or any type of household project.


Safety certified, hyper tough, and ready for any job you throw at it, Pelican headlamps are built rugged to handle any terrain or environment. Built with a hands-free design, Pelican headlamps are LED powered and feature adjustable straps, multiple modes, and a limited lifetime guarantee.

Tactical Flashlights

Field ready tactical flashlights from Pelican are exclusively designed for military, police, and personal safety applications. With a hyper tough exterior body, LED power, and an IPX rating for water-resistance, Pelican tactical flashlights deliver the power and durability you need.

Medium Duty Flashlights

Pelican medium duty flashlights are exclusively engineered for households, safe work environments, and everyday use. IPX rated, medium duty flashlights can be splashed and submersed in water without ruining the light. Highly durable, Pelican medium duty flashlights provide enhanced LED power making it highly visible in pitch black environments.

Small Flashlights

Tough, powerful, and compact small flashlights are built with convenience in mind. Powered by AAA batteries, Pelican small size flashlights create a clean white beam that illuminates any type of dark environment. Pelican small flashlights are ideal for easy on-the-go lighting needs.

Remote Area Lighting Systems

Purpose-built, small, and compact, Pelican remote area lighting systems are packed with over 2200 LED power-driven lumens. Powered by state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, Pelican remote area lighting systems shine 495 yards (453 meters) and are equipped with high, low, and flashing modes.

Pelican Flashlight & Lighting Tool Industrial Applications

At R.P. Luce we distribute advanced quality Pelican flashlights and lighting systems to a wide range of sectors that work with numerous types of industrial applications. Pelican’s products are commonly utilized in several high profile industries including aerospacebroadcast and communicationsmedical and pharmaceutical, military and governmentOEM and industrial, sales and marketing, trade show & sports and recreation.

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Pelican products can be purchased in bulk or as single units from R.P. Luce & Company. Our website features a convenient RFQ shopping cart that allows you to request a quotation on any of our products before finalizing the sale. To use it, simply explore our product categories above and add products to the RFQ cart. 

To learn more about our exclusive Pelican flashlights and lighting tools, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 800-445-0002Request a quote for direct pricing information today.

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