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Pelican Duffel Bags and Pelican Backpacks

Pelican Products, Inc. has leveraged 40 plus years of experience in premium protection and focused on creating lightweight mobility solutions for your next global adventure or your everyday carry. The result is the Pelican™ Mobile Protect product line. Created to get you and your gear to its destination in one piece. Built to protect against the harshest elements and the rigors of extreme travel. 

Pelican Backpacks, Backpack with Laptop Sleeve, Rucksacks and Duffel Bags

From the slim rucksack to the full duffel bag, all these travel bags are durable and meet carry on size for travel.  Every bag is manufactured for extreme durability to protect the contents and has a lifetime guarantee!

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R.P. Luce provides Pelican bags to meet your needs. Whether you’re protecting your laptop or personal belongings, these durable bags offer the perfect solution.

To learn more about our Pelican backpacks and duffel bags products, contact us today. As a stocking distributor for Pelican, we can offer you great pricing on volume orders.  Request a quote by viewing and selecting product and quanity desired and submit the quote for the items in your cart.

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