• Staying One Step Ahead
R. P. Luce & Company Inc. has been serving the needs of its customers for over 50 years. Our specialized case line gives our customer the option to protect their possessions, either in shipment or in storage. Whether it is highly sophisticated electronics or a family heirloom, we will design and manufacture the proper case or container. We've supplied cases for the broadcast, military and computer industry.

Our lineup of manufacturers includes Hardigg Cases, Pelican Cases, Tenba Cases and Zarges Cases. Case constructions include rotational molded, injection molded and aluminum fabrication.

The mechanical components that we offer are high precision, tight tolerance state of the art fabrication. Manufacturers include Helical Products and Riverhawk Company. From motion control products to free flex pivots to shaft coupling and machined springs, our companies can fulfill all of your precision mechanical component requirements.