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For over 50 years, R. P. Luce & Company Inc. has been serving the needs of its customers by providing standard and custom foam cases from the industry’s most respected brands, including Pelican, Pelican Hardigg, and Zarges. Our hard- and soft-shell case options feature custom foam inserts designed to support, protect, and accentuate your specific product or application.

Custom Case Manufacturer of Top-Quality Brands

Our custom case constructions include rotational molding, injection molding, and aluminum fabrication from premium manufacturers that include PelicanShell, and Zarges to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Each case is custom designed and engineered to incorporate your specific inventory needs; we spare no expense!

RP Luce is an Authorized Pelican Dealer and Custom Case Solutions Provider

As an authorized Pelican Dealer, Stocking Distributor, and Technical Packaging Partner, R.P. Luce is an exclusive provider of stock and customized Pelican case products to clients across the Mid-Atlantic states. We provide custom Pelican case solutions for the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 
R.P. Luce & Company is one of several dealers Pelican has designated as their Technical Packaging Partners. As Pelican-trained Outside Engineering Specialists, our engineers can work with you to design and customize the cases you need based on your specific application requirements. 

Custom Foam Cases

At R.P. Luce & Company, our Custom Foam Case experts can work with you to determine the most effective design and materials for your equipment needs. Our ultimate priority is protecting the equipment and gear you rely on to complete your goals.

Premium Shell Cases

R.P. Luce provides numerous Shell Case options for your unique product transportation needs. Each lightweight Shell case style offers exclusive advantages, including custom foam options, premium material construction, and multiple configuration and accessory options. 

Zarges Aluminum Cases

Zarges Aluminum Cases are ideal for securely transporting and packaging numerous specialty equipment and products. Zarges cases are incredibly lightweight, providing high stability, corrosion resistance, and flexibility for various industrial applications.

Premier Mechanical Component Manufacturers

At R.P. Luce, we utilize state-of-the-art mechanical components from RocomKippBoker's, and Riverhawk that deliver high precision and tight tolerances. R.P. Luce can fulfill all your precision mechanical component requirements, from motion control products to free flex pivots, shaft couplings, and machined springs.

Premium Custom Cases for Your Industrial Application Needs

With a long-term relationship of over 25 years with Pelican Cases, R. P. Luce has provided stock and custom carrying, shipping, and storage cases to the following industriesIf you are looking to purchase an extensive stock of Pelican cases, we will quote you the best price for the quantity you need. We offer excellent Customer Service and fast shipping on all orders.

R.P. Luce is Your Trusted Custom Case Expert & Pelican Dealer

R.P. Luce is a proud member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Electronics Representative Association, and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. Contact us to learn more, or call us at 800-445-0002 to speak with an R.P. Luce Pelican Dealer representative today.
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