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Carrying Cases

Normal, everyday bags and luggage do not offer the levels of protection that are necessary to protect specialized equipment and instrumentation devices. Conversely, heavy duty custom portable equipment cases allow for the effective transportation of highly sensitive and delicate instrumentation, without the worry of having to deal with broken devices and shattered dreams. Custom instrumentation storage cases provide effective relief from adverse weather conditions, rough transportation, and tricky terrain.

Pick and Pluck Foam

R.P. Luce & Company can provide you with a custom technology instrumentation case that provides the exact level of protection that your device requires. Our customized protective equipment cases are built with a shock and weatherproof hard case shell and a fully customized shock-proof inner liner with pick and pluck foam. The customized slots and fitment locations are built to provide cushioning and support for your equipment and all the device's accessories.

Equipment Cases for Travel

Regrettably, most carrying case options do not provide the level of protection and support that specialized equipment requires. A carrying case with pick and pluck foam will ensure the best fit and protection for these items and keep them secure during transportation and field use. Some of the types of delicate and sensitive equipment that benefits the most from custom portable equipment cases include:
  • Hi-fi audio equipment cases
  • Seismograph cases
  • Satellite phone cases
  • Camera cases
  • GPS unit cases
  • Mobile phone cases
  • Medical instrumentation cases

Custom Equipment Case Advantages

Transferring highly sensitive equipment to rural and rugged settings can often become problematic if certain packing precautions are not met. However, a fully customized protective equipment case from R.P. Luce & Company can ensure safe travel for all your sensitive equipment and gear. Some of the other benefits associated with our custom equipment carrying cases include;
  • Advanced materials for enhanced protection
  • Rock-hard, shock-proof outer shell
  • Fully customizable inner lining for premium protection and storage
  • Head-turning Aesthetics

Custom Carrying Case Applications 

Whether you’re heading out for a wilderness adventure, getting ready for deployment, or rough environmental factors are part of your job description, our customized cases provide a wide range of advantages over stock solutions, including versatility and higher levels of security. Direct applicable uses for our custom portable equipment cases include:
  • Military Environments
  • Extreme weather climates
  • Industrial settings
  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Medical emergency provisions

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