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Pelican Hardigg Mac Rack

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The MAC rack case from Pelican-Hardigg is a durable, lightweight case that is designed to make the most of space and weight restrictions, as well as provide shock and vibration protection. They are ideal for light or medium-duty field or sheltered applications, as well as commercial, industrial, broadcasr and military shippers. MAC Rack cases are frequently used for:
  • Computer Servers
  • Radar and microwave antennas
  • Radio, TV, and Communications equipment
  • Control consoles and panels 
The portable rackmount cases are designed to be compact and lightweight, making the most of the limited space. The cases provide vibration dampening and protection for equipment and instruments from shock, moisture, and impact. These cases have an innovative design that is versatile to meet all of your storing and transporting needs.

The MAC Rack Case Offers a Variety of Benefits

The durable design of the Pelican-Hardigg MAC Rack provides many benefits for users. The cases feature a rotomolded outer shell and 19” EIA shock-mounted rack, like the Classic cases, but in a more compact space. They are mobile, accessible, and shockproof, providing added protection for your equipment and instruments.

Pelican-Hardigg MAC Racks make it easy to store and transmit your sensitive equipment. They are versatile and provide the protection that your application needs within a light, compact case.
Additional benefits include:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Shock mounts designed for 20-200 lbs. to provide  shock and vibration dampening and cooling airflow while minimizing the case size
  • Often used when space and weight are critical
  • Shock and vibration protection
  • Recessed, cobalt black hardware or Stainless Steel fastens tight and endures
  • Patented Comfort Grip Handles™ make lifting a pleasure
  • 5” lids include smooth rolling edge casters

Purchase Pelican Hardigg MAC Rack Cases from R.P. Luce 

R.P. Luce offers compact and lightweight Mac Rack Cases that boast a smaller footprint to make the most of limited space. These minimized cases protect with the same rugged rotomolded outer shell and 19” EIA shock mounted rack as the Classic Cases, but with a reduced sway space.
Inside, delicate equipment and instruments travel and perform while protected from shock, vibration, moisture, and impact. Perfect for shipping around the world or just moving down the hall, MAC Racks give you all the needed shock and vibration protection plus a more efficient use of space. Casters even come standard on the 5-inch-size lids for total portability.
If it’s versatility as well as protection you’re looking for, MAC Rack is the case to get you there and back – again and again. R.P. Luce offers Pelican-Hardigg MAC Rack cases to meet all of your needs.

Contact R.P. Luce to Purchase Pelican Hardigg Mac Racks

We carry a wide range of rotomolded cases that provide the ideal protection for a variety of industries. Our Pelican-Hardigg Mac Racks provide the storage and durability that you need. We also manufacture custom rotomolded cases and can supply a wide variety of foams.

To learn more about our supply of Pelican Hardigg Mac Racks, contact RP Luce today. For direct pricing information, request a quote

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