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The aerospace and aviation industries are at the forefront of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies. Some of the most sophisticated and technical devices are manufactured specifically for the aerospace and aviation industries. Whether it’s specific tools, expensive and fragile materials, classified equipment, or highly sensitive gear, these extremely valuable products require rugged, hard cases that provide state-of-the-art protection.
Going strong for over 50 years, R.P. Luce & Company continues to provide the toughest, sleekest, and most technologically advanced aerospace and aviation equipment cases, headlamps, and remote area lighting systems in the industry. Our experts will work with you to design a custom Pelican™ case that incorporates your exact equipment design needs.
For more information regarding our heavy duty military equipment transportation containers, get in touch with our sales team, or give us a call at 800-445-0002 and our expert staff will happily assist you with your specific aerospace and aviation protection, transport, and shipping container needs.

Pelican™ Protective Cases – Custom Designed for the Aerospace & Aviation Industry

With a nearly unlimited amount of customization options to choose from, Pelican™ protector, shipping, and transport cases provide complete ruggedized security for any type of tool, product, or instrument within the aerospace and aviation industries. Pelican™ cases are designed to withstand all types of environmental conditions, hazards, or chaotic misfortunes they encounter, providing peace of mind from initial case closure through transport and delivery.

Aerospace & Aviation Equipment Case Advantages

Heavy-duty Pelican™ aerospace and aviation protector cases are specifically designed to protect your most sensitive and expensive specialized equipment and accessories. Each case is designed to withstand vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, and is rigorously tested to ensure that each case meets the standards and expectations of all aerospace and aviation agencies. Pelican™ protective cases for the aerospace and aviation industries provide the following beneficial qualities:
  • Reinforced corners and edges for extra impact protection
  • Positive anti-shear locks to prevent lid separation
  • Double-walled rim for tongue-in-groove seal, making each case watertight
  • Comfort grip handles that are also spring loaded to lay flat
  • Patented molded-in metal inserts to evenly distribute load to case walls
  • Molded-in stacking ribs that provide secure non-slip stacking
  • Recessed hardware that is protected from impact

Aerospace & Aviation Equipment Case Options

If you have expensive, fragile, or otherwise important equipment that requires protection from shock, moisture, vibration, or other environmental factors, our completely rugged and dependable hard cases provide the perfect transportation and shipping solution.
R.P. Luce’s aerospace and aviation industry designed equipment cases are designed to be repeatedly dropped, hit, or soaked without ever damaging your equipment. They provide the superior strength and wide range of sizes and options you need for any extreme application. We provide the following Pelican™ hard case options:

Remote Area Lighting Systems & Headlamps

With thousands and thousands of intricate parts and components within any given aerospace or aviation machine application, it is extremely important that proper lighting is utilized during building or maintenance work. Pelican™ pro grade headlamps and remote area lighting systems are designed to assist those that build and service aeronautic machinery.


Zarges Aluminum Cases for the Aerospace & Aviation Industries

For those that require or prefer aluminum constructed cases, Zarges equipment and transportation cases for the aerospace and aviation industries provide numerous beneficial qualities. Whether you are searching for a material that is lightweight, non-flammable, impervious to water vapor and extreme temperature fluctuations, or is magnetically neutral, Zarges aluminum cases provide the protection you deserve. Additional Zarges advantages include:
  • Stacking corners
  • Edge, face, and lid profile frame
  • Load-bearing lid straps
  • Highly durable C fasteners
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Ergonomic comfort sprung drop handle
  • High strength, smooth welding points

Discuss Your Aerospace & Aviation Equipment Case Needs with R.P. Luce Today

For more information regarding our rugged and extremely durable aerospace and aviation grade case options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. Our team of experts are ready to help you select the Pelican™ hard case that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.
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