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Durable and Low-Weight Aluminum Cases

Zarges aluminum equipment cases combine the multiple benefits of aluminum including low weight, high stability, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. Zarges has the right product for every need and offers industrial customized solutions. regardless of whether these are for the service, trading, skilled trades, or business sectors, or for private applications.

Zarges Aluminum Equipment Case Features

Zarges secure containers are ideal for securely transporting and packaging a wide variety of goods. Zarges secure transportation containers are constructed from an extra strong 5005 aluminum alloy. The lids are attached with a stainless steel hinge and two heavy-duty lid straps. Protection from dust and moisture is provided by a polyurethane seal in the case lid. All cases include snap fasteners and ergonomic heavy-duty sprung drop handles that are easy to use, even while wearing gloves. At R.P.Luce we also carry a wide range of accessories to increase the security, portability and usability of your case.

Zarges Secure Case Options

At R.P. Luce we provide numerous Zarges aluminum equipment case options for your unique product transportation needs. Each Zarges case style offers its own exclusive advantages depending on your individual requirement needs. Our Zarges aluminum case options include the following:

Storage & Transportation Containers

Zarges K470 secure containers offer a convenient and safe method of transportation, while providing a modular system of storage units and protective packaging. K470 secure cases conform to US 463 I pallet. Some of the other key features of K470 storage and transportation containers, include:
  • Stackable universal case.
  • Lid with stainless steel hinge, two straps and peripheral foam seal to lid.
  • Robust edge, lid and floor profile.
  • Peripheral beading and corner beading for enhanced shape retention.
  • Alloy cast stacking corners.
  • Snaplocks. Can be secured by using lock and key, lead seals or padlock.
  • Ergonomic drop-type handles with high carrying capacity.
  • Stackable and palletable, to suit pallet sizes to DIN15U1.
  • Spring loaded handle at each end (in the case of 40 835 and 40 677 on lid)

Aluminum Equipment Case Accessories

The Zarges K470 aluminum shipping and storage case provides perfect protection, even under the most extreme conditions. The accessories, housing assemblies and housing accessories for the K470 aluminum equipment cases, include:
  • Adjustable divider system
  • Pick ‘n pluck foam set
  • Clip-on castors
  • Trolleys
  • Labels
  • Lettering
  • Lock set
  • Tool pocket
  • And more

Secure Transportation Containers

Zarges K475 aluminum equipment cases are the most rugged and durable case available on the market. The cases offer an IP rating of 67, with an integrated pressure release valve and humidity indicator. The cases provide a high level of EMI shielding, which may be further enhanced, and may also be UN Certified for the transport of hazardous goods. For the most critical missions and harshest environments, the K475 is the ultimate choice in reusable packaging for protecting your sensitive goods and equipment. Some additional features of K475 Zarges aluminum cases, include:
  • K 475 transport and storage containers in ruggedized and corrosion-proof aluminum according to TL 8115-0047.
  • Stackable.
  • Specially formed stacking corners.
  • Seam-welded at joints, protection class IP 67.
  • Lift-off lid with inner stiffening frame and continuous rubber seal in retaining channel.
  • Stirrup catches.
  • Spring loaded handles.
  • Pressure relief valve and humidity indicator.
  • RFI screening available.

Zarges Secure Case Industrial Applications

At R.P. Luce we distribute advanced quality Zarges Cases to a wide range of sectors that work with numerous types of industrial applications. Zarges products are used in a bevy of industries, including: aerospace, broadcast and communications, medical and pharmaceutical, military and government, OEM and industrial, sales and marketing, trade show & sports and recreation.

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