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Mechanical Component Assembly from SDP/SI

  • SDI/SI: Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument
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A large collection of manufacturing mechanical components from Stock Drive Products SDP/SI Sterling InstrumentsSmall machined parts shown to be smaller than a paper clip, made by SDP/SI Stock Drive ProductsA collection of specialty mechanical components from Stock Drive Products Sterling Instruments
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument manufactures high-quality machined parts, molded components, precision gears, and gear assemblies for many applications. Their experienced team of engineers designs, develops, and produces commercial-grade components that meet your exact specifications.
With years of experience, SDP/SI provides unparalleled machined parts and mechanical component assembly. Make them your US machine shop of choice today.

High-Quality Machined Parts from SDP/SI

Founded and managed by engineers, Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument understands your needs better than anyone. Offering the expertise and manufacturing ability your applications require, SDP/SI is your #1 source for mechanical component assembly, high-quality machined parts, and more.
As a small mechanical component manufacturer, SDP/SI provides all of the machined parts and products you need, including:
  • Gears, Differentials, Ratchets, and Pawls
  • Belt & Chain Drive Components
  • Shafts and Shaft Accessories
  • Bearings and Bearing Blocks
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument also provides a variety of capabilities and services, including:Prototyping and 3D Printing Services
  • Precision Gears and Gear Assemblies
  • Timing Belts, Pulleys, and Gear Design Services
  • Ball-Bearing Cleaning

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SDP/SI will meet all of your commercial-grade component needs. With decades of design experience and an in-house team available to help you through the entire development and manufacturing process, they provide the perfect mechanical component solution.

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