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Zarges Case 40810

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ZARGES cases provide a convenient and safe method of transport. At the same time it provides a modular system of storage units and protective packaging. K470 cases conform to US 463 I pallet.

Zarges Case 40810​ Details

  • Stackable universal case.
  • Lid with stainless steel hinge, two straps and peripheral foam seal to lid.
  • Robust edge, lid and floor profile.
  • Peripheral beading and corner beading for enhanced shape retention.
  • Alloy cast stacking corners.
  • Snaplocks. Can be secured by using lock and key, lead seals or padlock.
  • Ergonomic drop-type handles with high carrying capacity.
  • Stackable and palletisable, to suit pallet sizes to DIN15U1.
  • Spring loaded handle at each end (in the case of 40 835 and 40 677 on lid).
  • Can also be supplied in other sizes and designs - please consult us.

Important notice: Clear dimensions approx. 30 mm/1.18"" less than internal dimensions (length and width). Special sizes on request. Cases registered with NATO supply No. 

Additional Information

Foam Lining

  • On request all K470's can be fitted with durable, abrasion-resistant lining made from PE foam.
  • Floor and wall sections made from Plastazote LD 45, (specific gravity 45 kg/m3/2.8 lb/cu.ft, thickness 11 mm/43""], lid fitted with raised-finish PUfoam.
  • For other materials and wall thicknesses please inquire.

Individual Foam Inserts

  • Can be fabricated from a wide range of materials.
  • We supply custom inserts which protect the func tionality of your product while being transported.
  • Our engineered packaging solutions provide the correct cushioning protection for your products during transport.
  • On the basis of weight, area, height of drop and sensitivity (G-value), we design packaging to meet your requirements. The result is minimum use of raw materials and a maximum protection of your equipment.
  • When required, our cushions are available in anti-static or dissipative versions and a range of densities.
  • For large volume production we offer expanded foam inserts made of EPP or EPE.

Standard Padded Inserts

  • Foam insert, can be adapted for trans porting bottles, 40 to 100 mm/1.6 to 3.9"".
  • Integrated absorbent material.
  • Please inquire.

  • Internal Length Approx.: 550 mm
  • Clear Internal Length Approx.: 20.50 in
  • Internal Width Approx.: 350 mm
  • Clear Internal Width Approx.: 12.6 in
  • Internal Height Approx.: 150 mm
  • Clear Internal Height Approx.: 5.9 in
  • External Length Approx.: 600 (mm) / 23.60 (in)
  • External Width Approx.: 400 (mm) / 15.7 (in)
  • External Height Approx.: 180 (mm) / 7.1 (in)
  • Capacity Approx.: 29 L
  • Weight Approx.: 4.2 (kg) / 9.3 (lb)
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