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Pelican Medium Cases


Ultimate Equipment Protection from The Elements


Being Dependable is More Than a Positive Trait. To Many of Our Customers It is a Constant State Of Awareness That Empowers Them to Anticipate, Prevent, Mitigate or React In a Fluid Situation. 
Our Work Here at Peli is Not Very Different. We Do Have an Important Job: Manufacturing The Best Protector™ Cases and Lighting Tools The World Has Ever Seen. Because In The End, Our Products Have to Be as Dependable as The People Who Use Them. 

The Pelican Protector™ uses an open cell core and solid wall construction, which is actually stronger and lighter than a solid core wall. Travel light with heavy protection. And you know it's a Pelican™ Case by the distinctive dual band top surface. Stainless Steel pins are used for hinges and handles. The new Double-Throw latches are smarter and easier to open: it's the classic 'C' clamp design with secondary movement that works like a pry bar to start the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull. 

The secret is the tongue-and-groove fit, with a Polymer o-ring acting as a waterproof seal. Also, the Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve releases built-up air pressure while keeping water molecules out, resulting in a watertight case that is even easier to open. 

Peli Pick 'N' Pluck™ foam lets you customize the interior according to your gear. An easy, do-it-yourself system for custom-shaping the interior of the case according to your equipment. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply measure your equipment over the grid and pluck away. Contents stay in place and get extra protection at the same time. 

Stainless steel ball bearing wheels (on select cases) last longer and ride smoother. The nylon hub adjacent to the stainless steel is made to resist heat. Result: less wear and tear on the polyurethane wheel. 

Metal reinforced padlock protectors provide added strength and extra security against cutting and theft. 

Customize your case to hold electronic interface panels, or create the perfect protection insert for your equipment. Close the lid and see your logo applied as a decal or hot stamp (call for details).


  • Exterior Length: 20.62 (in)
  • Exterior Width: 16.87 (in)
  • Optional Accessory: Panel Frames|Personalized Nameplate|Padded Dividers
  • Standard Feature: Rubberized Handle
  • Interior Length: 17.43 (in)
  • Interior Width: 14.00 (in)
  • Interior Height: 7.62 (in)
  • Exterior Height: 8.12 (in)
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