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Pelican Cases are designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide exceptional durability and protection for your most valued possessions. Each Pelican case is custom-produced to match your unique carrying needs, offering unsurpassed quality and value that cannot be matched. Pelican offers many different styles of cases, fit for many situations. While each of our cases is designed with specific missions and conditions in mind, one thing that they all have in common is that they provide the legendary levels of toughness for which Pelican is known. 

What Are the Differences Between Pelican Air and Storm Cases?

Due to Pelican Air cases’ proprietary blend of next-generation super-light HPX2™ resin, they represent the lightest Pelican case options on the market, making them 40% lighter than comparably sized Protector cases. Air cases also offer Press & Pull™ latches to keep the case from accidentally opening. While not as light as the Pelican Air series cases, Pelican Storm cases are manufactured from HPX® high impact resin that features a waterproof, crushproof, dustproof design, making this case incredibly durable yet light enough for easy transportation.

What Are the Differences Between Pelican Air and Vault Cases?

Pelican Air is a premium protective case with class-leading features such as a 40% lighter HPX2 polymer design, press and pull latches, rubber overmold handles, stainless steel hasp protectors, and a business card holder. The Pelican Air is also less rigid, allowing the case to flex and bend without breaking. The Pelican Vault case is an affordable case that keeps your gear protected while featuring the highly coveted Pelican DNA. It features a crushproof, high-impact polymer design, heavy-duty handles, push-button latches, and a weather-resistant design.

What Are the Differences Between Pelican Storm and Vault Cases?

Pelican Storm cases offer a lightweight alternative to traditional gun and storage cases. The Pelican Storm delivers a lightweight design manufactured from HPX® high impact resin. While the Storm case design is not rated for complete submersion, it does feature a Vortex valve to ensure balanced air pressure. First and foremost, the Pelican Vault series was built to protect firearms. The Vault series high-impact polymer design is crushproof, dustproof, and weather-resistant, providing unsurpassed protection for your firearms, photos, or equipment.

What Separates Pelican Protector Cases from Other Pelican Cases?

The Pelican Protector series is the original design manufactured from heavy-duty Polypropylene, ensuring that these cases can withstand the harshest conditions on Earth. The Pelican Protector series features a waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof design with double-throw latches for a robust seal. In addition, most Protector series cases are IP67 (ingress protection) certified. All Protector series cases are proudly made in the U.S.A. and feature a lifetime guarantee.

What Materials Are Pelican Cases Manufactured From?

Pelican Cases are extremely tough and durable. Depending on the model, each Pelican Series Case is manufactured from various materials to meet its chosen application's needs. While some people might need water-resistant protection, others might prefer something more transportable and lightweight.

The Protector Series

The Pelican Protector Case series is made with our proprietary polypropylene formula. Inside the case material is a hollow interior featuring a honeycomb structure built into the resin during manufacturing. The honeycomb structure offers increased strength and rigidity, which allows the Protector Case series to take on anything. In addition, the open cells combat heat and help maintain a reasonably safe temperature inside.

The Storm Series

The Pelican Storm Case series also features our proprietary polypropylene formula called the HPX. This HPX material is the same used in the Protector Case series, offering the same crushproof solid wall design with an open honeycomb cell core, making it lightweight.

The Air Series

Pelican Air series cases are manufactured from Pelican’s proprietary resin HPX2, which is 40 percent lighter than the average hard carrying case, making Aire series cases perfect for air travel. Air series cases are also IP67 rated, making them submersible for 20 minutes in one meter of water.

The Vault Series

Constructed with an HDPE formula of crushproof, high-impact polymers, Pelican Vault series cases are designed to store firearms, bows, ammo, and other sensitive equipment properly and securely.

Does the Military Use Pelican Cases?

Yes, the military and various defense contractors utilize Pelican cases for weapon and equipment storage and transportation. Pelican cases meet all military-grade standards.

Are Pelican Cases Theft Proof?

Pelican cases are ultra-secure, meaning that they are theft-resistant but not theft-proof. As with anything not in your immediate possession, theft of the item is always a possibility. Due to their unique look and design, Pelican cases will attract attention but are generally theft-proof to anyone without a key.

Are Pelican Cases Airtight?

Due to their construction and unique features, Pelican cases were intentionally created not to be airtight. In fact, a case should never be 100 percent airtight, as this could create a vacuum lock when transporting the case and gear between altitudes. Instead, Pelican cases feature an automatic pressure valve that balances the case’s internal pressure, keeping out water and dust.

Are Pelican Cases Watertight?

All Pelican cases carry at least a standard IP67 rating, meaning they can be submerged in water for a depth of one meter for at least 30 minutes. Pelican cases also come with a watertight silicone O-ring seal to prevent even the slightest moisture from leaking.

Can Firearms and Ammo be Stored Within a Pelican Case?

Yes, several Pelican cases such as certain Vault, Air, and Protector series cases, are designed specifically for storing and transporting guns and ammo.

Are Pelican Cases Manufactured in the USA?

Yes, Pelican cases are only manufactured in the USA. Manufacturing in the USA allows Pelican to ensure better quality control, quicker delivery, better customer service, and the ability to increase domestic jobs while providing a lower carbon footprint and less pollution.

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