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Pelican Elite Case for iPad® and

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Model#:i1075, Elite Case for iPad® and
The Ultimate Digital Protection

Pelican™ ProGear™ Hardback™ Case Series: A line of cases guaranteed to keep your digital assets safe. Known worldwide as the leader in asset protection, Pelican™ cases keep million dollar unmanned aerial vehicles operational and custom 3D camera lenses dry. Our new series of Pelican™ ProGear™ Hardback™ Cases gives you the same level of protection for your laptop, netbook or iPad® tablet. Count on our watertight, dustproof and crushproof cases to cover your digital assets when all hell breaks loose.
  • Designed to protect the iPad®, iPad®2 or iPad®2 with smart cover tablets
  • Removable shoulder strap included
  • _p_Cushion insert - unique molded liner protects from impact shock yet won't scratch iPad®_/p_
  • Can be used as a portable office
  • Lifetime guarantee of excellence

  • Weight: 2.54 (lb) / 1.15 (kg)
  • Case Interior Depth: 1.63 (in) / 4.1 (cm)
  • Case Interior Height: 11.11 (in) / 28.2 (cm)
  • Case Interior Width: 7.92 (in) / 20.1 (cm)
  • Case Exterior Depth: 2.13 (in) / 5.4 (cm)
  • Applications: iPad®|Apple® Wireless Keyboard
  • Case Exterior Height: 12.38 (in) / 31.4 (cm)
  • Case Exterior Width: 9.75 (in) / 24.8 (cm)
  • Lid Depth: 0.81 (in) / 2.1 (cm)
  • Bottom Depth: 0.81 (in) / 2.1 (cm)
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