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Stay trim and powerful in the dark. With 139 blinding bright lumens and a true penlight size and shape, the new Pelican™ 1970 is the slimmest and brightest penlight in the industry.

Engineered with an aluminum core and ABS overmolded plastic, the Pelican™ 1970 penlight can survive tough work environments, yet is slim enough to snap into the available helmet mount or hold with your teeth.The Pelican™ 1970 penlight activates with a click of the tail switch or light pressure for momentary use.

The Pelican™ 1970 penlight: Make the dark your pen pal.
  • Slim and Tough Design
  • 139 Lumens
  • Full / Momentary Activation Tail Switch
  • Integrated Clip
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Weight (OZ): 1.8
  • Weight (KG): .51
  • Color: Black
  • Length (IN): 5.75
  • Length (CM): 14.6
  • Tested Lumen Value: (High) 139 Lumens
  • Battery Run Time: 4h 15min
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