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1730, Pelican Large Cases

(1730, Pelican Large Cases)
Wheeled Protector™ Case "

Ultimate Equipment Protection from The Elements


Being Dependable is More Than a Positive Trait. To Many of Our Customers It is a Constant State Of Awareness That Empowers Them to

  • Color: Black|Desert Tan|OD Green (available upon request)
  • Interior Length: 34.00 (in)
  • Interior Width: 24.00 (in)
  • Interior Height: 12.50 (in)
  • Exterior Length: 37.05 (in)
  • Exterior Width: 27.20 (in)
  • Exterior Height: 14.37 (in)
  • Optional Accessory: Personalized Nameplate
  • Standard Feature: Wheels
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